Tuesday, October 2, 2007

McCormick & Kuleto's Seafood Restaurant

Tuesday, October 2, 2007
Dinner with Okamoto's

McCormick & Kuleto's is in Fisherman's Wharf on Ghirardelli Square. The restaurant is a pretty big chain, but they have great seafood and with beautiful views overlooking the wharf and water.

We started with an 0yster sampler of West Coast varieties, which tend to be smaller but more rich and creamy. We also had cups of chowder, isn't New England but good. The crab cakes were also quite good.

My favorites were the three grilled sea scallops with a shrimp-stuffed potato croquette and sauteed spinach. Super juicy scallops and the croquettes were great with the sauce. We also shared a halibut, which was surprisingly light. The wild atlantic salmon was a little too complex with a tomato compote and marscapone polenta.

900 North Point Street, San Francisco, California 94109
(415) 929-1730

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