Sunday, October 24, 2010

Nanbantei 南蛮亭

Delicious new Japanese yakitori place in the great plaza next to Camel Bar. Nanbantei is a famous yakitori shop in Tokyo (Roppongi) and the feel of the place is authentically Japanese. Staff seemed to be mostly Chinese but clearly trained in Japan.

We started with some izakaya-type appetizers like shishamo, then straight for the yakitori. All of the traditional yakitori options like tsukune (ground chicken), negima (chicken and scallion), sunagimo (gizzard), and then other veg and meats like quail eggs, ginkgo (ginnan), and sirloin steak. Sausage was quite good too. We had one bottle of junmai ginjyo sake between three of us, yum.

About 150 rmb per person

1 Yueyang Road by Fenyang Lu and Taojiang Lu


Sunday, October 10, 2010

Century Avenue

I think Century Avenue is the best way to experience the World Financial Center in Pudong, Shanghai's tallest building (for now).

The restaurant and bar are on the 91st to 93rd floors of WFC in the Park Hyatt Shanghai Hotel. The observation deck is about 10 floors higher, but really at 90-100 floors above the city it doesn't really make a difference, you are still looking down on the neighboring Jin Mao Tower (#2 tallest). And for a few hundred kuai I'd rather get a bottle of wine.

Beautiful space and expensive but great food. My mom and I split the Chinese BBQ tasting plate and friends had sushi platter.
91-93 Floor, Park Hyatt Shanghai, 100 Century Avenue, Pudong New Area
+86 21 3855 1428, 3855 1429