Sunday, May 3, 2009

Orange Tree

Hong Kong
May 2009

Dinner with GSBers at a lovely Dutch place in Central, right off of the escalator a little above Caine Road. It is a fairly small place, feels very European (no tap water for example) and very cozy. Probably 10-15 tables, and it opens out to the street.

We started with mussels with garlic and light cream sauce for an appetizer. The seasonal white asparagus looked good too. Pandu had the "bitter ballen", fried beef balls that you dip in Dijon mustard, yum.

I had the steak tartare with salad and side of garlic sauteed mushrooms (switched out fries). Steak had anchovy and some onions on top, and some diced onions and I think pepper mixed in as well. The steak was great, I mean what a great way to have raw beef, great flavor and really soft. The chef said their signature is a lamb puff pastry, and Rai says he goes just to get that dish.

Wonderful Dutch chef/owner, Pieter Onderwater (love the name, it was on his chef jacket). He also gave the ladies a gift of battry operated pepper grinder.

17 Shelley St, Central, Hong Kong
Tel: 2838 9352

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