Tuesday, April 27, 2010


April 2010

I was sooo excited to hear that my co-workers got reservations at Jean-Georges at Three on the Bund... Of his restaurants, I had only been to Mercer Kitchen in NY a few years ago and that was wonderful. So his namesake in Shanghai, yay.

3rd floor of Three on the Bund - very elegant, quite dark actually, with plush booths in the rich dining room. We had a late dinner and watched the staff spray the tableclothes to iron press them to the right shape.

Yuzu Drop - might be the best cocktail I've ever had. It was simply wonderful. I thought it might just be me, and I made two of my dinner companions try it, and their reactions were similar to mine. Really yummy.

The menu has several prix fixe options. Tempting to do the Jean-Georges set for about 1000rmb, but held back and did the standard 3-dishes and dessert for about 600rmb. First was a foie gras brulee. Wow. Melts in your mouth with the perfect amount of grilled smokiness. Second I had scallops with roasted cauliflower. Not as impressed with this one, just ok. Main was lamb chops, with a ton of flavor and great rich juicy fat (though it was also rich juicy fat).

We did have desserts, and the almond tofu with apricot ice cream was not the best choice -- my dinnermates' chocolate cake was amazing.


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