Friday, July 2, 2010

たんや又兵衛 Tanya-Matabei

Amazing kushi-yaki, or skewered meat shop, specializing in high end wagyu 'tan' (or tongue). It is a small place with a counter and high seats that seats maybe 12 or 15 in the narrow restaurant.

Definitely get the 'gyu-tan' -- the rows of enormous black tongues hanging in the fridge might make some nervous, but believe me they are delicious. The sirloin just melted in your mouth as did the uzura-egg (quail I think). Many vegetable options that we loved. Ginnan (gingko I think) also quite good.

Very high end, reflected by the prices, but worth it. Probably close to $300 for three people to eat until stuffed with a few drinks


Roppongi 3-13-8 Saito Building 2nd Floor

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