Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The Big Four Restaurant

"Big Game Week" dinner with Carolyn
May 2008

Amazing concept. Once a year, the Big Four Restaurant does a "Big Game Week", meaning a week of dinner specials including the finest buffalo, elk, yak, and any other wild large animal that they could put on a plate.

There is a special tasting appetizer course, with four choices I think. Included a wild boar tacos, venison medallons. For main, Carolyn went for buffalo, I went for the yak. Both were pretty much amazing and we were quite content.

Also, we really liked that the chef would periodically come out and sit down for a chat. She's been doing this for a number of years and she was super friendly, stopping at many of the tables. Interesting place, it is SUPER old -- not just decor, I think Carolyn and I brought down the average age by a good few decades

Between the bottle of wine, two courses, and I think dessert, certainly paid in triple digits, but man was it worth it. Going back next year if there are any takers.

The Huntington Hotel, 1075 California Street, San Francisco, CA 94108415) 771-1140

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