Thursday, July 19, 2007

Le Soleil

Wednesday, July 4, 2007
Dinner with Lowell

I came across Soleil in a Food & Wine review on Parisian restaurants. Lowell and I went for dinner on our third night in Paris. It is a bit hard to find, partly because the street numbers in Paris don't necessarily match on the left and right side of the street, but it has a dark facade with a picture of the sun. Closest metro stop is La Tour-Maubourg.

We were a bit nervous because there was only one other table and they were in suits browsing a Sotheby's catalog. But the hostess was very sweet with impeccable English (and had also talked me through directions to the place when we called that we were running late), and we got a cute table in the window alcove.

The waitress brought us great zucchini fries while we purused the menu (though we have decided anything fried is really good...) We had a beet au gratin starter (also anything with cheese is good) and then lamb chops for two with globe artichokes, olives and lots of garlic (another easy win). The lamb was as good as the description in the F&W blurb, including amazing tender artichokes. We had a cheese platter for dinner, yum.

The total was €105, including one bottle of wine, for a pretty good meal in a romantic Parisian restaurant.

153 rue de Grenelle, 7th Arr., Paris, France

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